Celflux Fan Art Contest

Greetings Celflux Fans. The first ever Celflux Fan Art Contest has been revamped and extended. Thanks to several kind sponsors we are able to increase the number of prizes as well as the prize amounts. So we’re extending our contest till August.

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Celflux Original Character Commission Giveaway Contest Returns

And they’re off! Voting is now open for the Celflux Original Character Free Commission Giveaway Contest. Please have a look at the characters below. Vote for your favorite character. Invite your friends to vote for your character. You may vote once every 24hrs. Voting closes on July 31st, 2016 at Midnight Eastern Time. [socialpoll id=”2371529″] […]

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We Must Teach Them From Small

For those who might be scratching their heads at the grammar (or lack thereof) of the title of this post, and least someone should alert the internet grammar police (we all know them), let me quickly explain. The phrase “Teach Them From Small” is a Trinidadian one that speaks of the importance of teaching a […]

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Celflux Original Character Contest Free Commissions

So the Celflux Original Character Commission Giveaway Contest came to an end a few weeks ago and because we wanted to say thanks to those who took the time to enter the contest, we decided to give a Free commission to everyone who took part. Originally we had said we were giving free commissions to […]

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Dixie Ann Archer McBain

That Moment I Realized I’m A Comic Book Author

I’ve always hated the spotlight. I don’t enjoy being the center of attention. I know some thrive on it, but not me. I much prefer being behind the scenes where it’s safe. I’m rarely on social media. I think history has shown us that the spotlight can be cruel. So when Everard suggested we should […]

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Celflux New Trailer Sneak Peek

We here at Celflux have been very busy working behind the scenes on a lot of stuff. A lot of it we can’t share yet but much of it is simply ensuring that we do the foundation work and improve Celflux as a product. Our work is based on the feedback that we’ve received from […]

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Celflux Video Teaser

Celflux: The Graphic Novel Teaser Trailer 2014

We’ve been working on a video trailer for Celflux for some time now. We’ve finally gotten it to the place where we are able to release a teaser. This is our first “real” video and we feel good about it. It’s designed to give just a taste of the feel of the book. Get people […]

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Justice (New Universe)

My Inspirations: Justice

So as I was saying last time, there were many, many things that were an influence on me in the early years. And it is not at all possible to name them all here during this week of our Celflux Book Launch event. So this is just me singling out a few of them for […]

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