Celflux New Trailer Sneak Peek

We here at Celflux have been very busy working behind the scenes on a lot of stuff. A lot of it we can’t share yet but much of it is simply ensuring that we do the foundation work and improve Celflux as a product. Our work is based on the feedback that we’ve received from […]

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Celflux Wins Best Newcomer at ASHCAN

When we created Celflux and introduced it to the world, our hope was that at least a few people would discover it and identify with it and find it cool. We never really believed that it would ever receive any kind of real recognition. So imagine our surprise when we learned that Celflux had not […]

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Celflux Issue No.1 Free Comic Book Day

Saturday May 2nd, 2015 is #Free Comic Book Day. Free Comic Book Day is a single day every year when participating comic book publishers and specialty shops around the globe give away comic books absolutely free to raise introduce comics to new readers and keep comics alive.

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A Mother’s Support: A True Celflux Story

I don’t usually share personal stuff, but for this I would like to make an exception. There’s a story I tell people about how I first began my journey into the world of creativity and I tell it because it’s a true story. When I was very young, I was scolded by my teachers and […]

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Celflux Video Teaser

Celflux: The Graphic Novel Teaser Trailer 2014

We’ve been working on a video trailer for Celflux for some time now. We’ve finally gotten it to the place where we are able to release a teaser. This is our first “real” video and we feel good about it. It’s designed to give just a taste of the feel of the book. Get people […]

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Strikeforce: Morituri

My Inspirations: Strikeforce Morituri

Today is the last day of our Celflux Book Launch event, and I would like to finish off with a comic that was the single most influential book on me in my early years. As I’ve already said, it’s virtually impossible to name all the influences on me as a comic book creator. I don’t […]

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Justice (New Universe)

My Inspirations: Justice

So as I was saying last time, there were many, many things that were an influence on me in the early years. And it is not at all possible to name them all here during this week of our Celflux Book Launch event. So this is just me singling out a few of them for […]

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Visionaries: Knights of The Magical Light

My Inspirations: Visionaries

All week we’ve been looking at some early inspirations that got me started on the road of creating my own characters and stories. Just to be clear, there are too many things that influenced me in my early years, so these are just some that I’ve singled out for special mention. Today I’ve decided to […]

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My Inspirations: Thundercats

In the early 1980s I started reading comic books. Well I’ve always been reading them, but in the early 80s I started reading them with a passion. I’m going to talk about those later, but today I’m only making reference to that to highlight how I was introduced to this next inspiration. In the very […]

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