Johnathan Soul Interviews Celflux

Greetings Celflux Fans. We were recently approached by a cool dude by the name of Johnathan Soul. He runs a podcast interviewing comic book creators & fiction writers from the African Diaspora. We had a really great time and talked about the Celflux book and film projects as well as the creative journey in general. He also has done a very cool walk through of Celflux issue no.1. Have a listen and if you are a fan of the genre, please visit his website and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Johnathan Soul runs a Podcast interviewing comicbook creators & fiction writers from the African Diaspora. Wednesdays and Sundays. Visit his website at

Here’s the interview:

Here’s the Celflux Issue 1 Walkthrough:

Hope you enjoyed, and if you did please feel free to share.

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