The Deserter

As we near the release of the first episode of the Celflux Animated Series, we have a treat for our fans. A short that we worked on last year that we did not release. It’s called The Deserter and it tells a bit of the backstory of Dr Louis Deplanq who appeared in Celflux issue no.1.

At a hidden laboratory deep in the wastelands of Yoro, a lonely figure resigns himself to a fate he did not choose but one that he realizes is inevitable. Dr Louis De Planq, former Chief Scientist and head of research of the Keepers, reflects on his life and the choices he has made that have brought him to this place. In the face of great peril, he has done all that he can do and now must leave the rest up to the uncertainty of fate.

Let us know what you think. As always if you think it’s cool, feel free to share.

Dr. Louis DePlanq voiced by the legendary writer/actor Stephen Jared
Music by Kevin McLeod

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