Okira’s Celflux T-Shirt Giveaway

Ok we’ve officially arrived at our first giveaway. This one is for our Facebook fans. We’ve received a lot of great feedback and lots of love from our fans so far, and we’d like to give something back. We’d also like to grow our Facebook fan base in the process. So Okira came up with the idea to give away a cool T-Shirt. When the Celflux Facebook Page gets to 5, 000 Likes, Okira will give away a really cool Celflux T-Shirt to one lucky Celflux Fan.

Like us on Facebook.

Okira's Celflux T-Shirt Giveaway

And so we begin our journey to more great fans. If you like Celflux already, spread the word so others can become a part of the journey.

Till next time.
The Celflux Team.

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