Celflux Reluctant Heroes The Secret Weapon Poster

Today we’re finally able to share with you something that we’ve been working on behind the scenes. We present to you the new theatrical poster for our upcoming animated short. Celflux Reluctant Heroes The Secret Weapon. For a long time I’ve wanted to create an iconic poster that will help raise awareness of our project. We hope that it will draw people’s attention to our efforts and get them as excited about the project as we are. We hope that we’re successful. Have a look at the image below.

I wanted to create something just a little bit iconic. An image that folks would remember as well as easily identify should they see it in the future. Let us know what you think about it in the comments. If you like it, you can download a high-resolution copy of the poster using this button.

Download “Celflux Reluctant Heroes The Secret Weapon Poster” Celflux_Secret_Weapon_Main_Poster.jpg – Downloaded 541 times – 10 MB

If you think it’s cool please consider helping us spread the word about the Celflux project. Thank you for the continued support.

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