Celflux Plot Completed

After a great deal of creative brainstorming, Dixie Ann and I have finally completed the plot for volume one of Celflux. Volume one is titled: Reluctant Heroes, and works on setting the stage for the rest of the books that follow.

Now that the plot is finished, I can begin illustrating the pages of the book. Just to make sure that we’ve put a captivating enough story together, we’ve asked a good friend of ours a playwrite by the name of Sam Graber to review our plot and give us some feedback. When he gets back to us we’ll make some adjustments based on his feedback, and then we’ll begin illustration. In the meantime I’ve been working on the branding and art direction for the book, and I’ll be done with it soon.

Things are really starting to come together, and we’re really excited.

Till next time.


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