Real Name: Samantha Miatsu

Try it. I dare you.

Position: Warrior Princess, paladin and strong woman.

Realm: Cergaron. A wealthy realm made up of a rich oligarchy. Their wealth is derived mainly from the precious mineral mines in Yoro. They are ruled by a monarchy with the leader chosen by bloodline.

Profile: Daughter of the king. Princess and heir to the throne.

Height: 5 Ft. 10” Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde

Personality: Strong willed, aggressive, assertive and proud.

Abilities: Samantha possesses the power of flight. She can create physical shields that are solid as a diamond. She also has superhuman strength.

Samantha was born to the powerful ruling Miatsu family of Cergaron. She has only known privilege and prestige. She has never had to work a day in her life. She has been taught in the best schools and trained as a warrior in preparation for her assuming the throne as ruler of Cergaron.

Samantha is considered a miracle child. Her mother the queen could not give birth. Her father the king in a moment of weakness slept with one of his servants who became pregnant with his first daughter Sarah. She was promised the throne being the only child of the king. Then by a miracle, the queen became pregnant and gave birth to Samantha. Samantha, being the true heir, was given the right to succession and Sarah was moved to second in line. Sarah has always resented Samantha for this.

Despite having every need met, Samantha has always dreamed of living a life where she is in control of her own destiny. She resents having to do what is expected of her by the monarchy. Though she is not prepared to give up her place in Cergaron, she feels that the choice should be hers.