Micah Adams

Micah Adams – RJ:
WeAreAnansi is an Executive Producer from London and celebrates his Guyanese, Dominican and Brazilian roots which is why he was keen to be the voice of ‘Ignition’ in Celflux who wears the colours of Guyana’s flag. He is best known for executive producing alongside his cousin, Guyanese talent Jafro; a multi-talented and internationally known music artist who resides in the UK.
With We Are Anansi’s debut album approaching, we are excited for what the future holds, the Celflux soundtrack will be curated by We Are Anansi and features a variety of creative talents including Jafro and London-Ghanaian producer Sammy Soso.

WeAreAnansi loved the Celflux plans as soon as he heard them and was inspired by the Celflux vision to bring a refreshing sound to the Celflux fans.

Find him online at: We Are Anansi (@WeAreAnansi)