Her Royal Thighness and WeAreAnansi Join Celflux Team

The genuine fans of Celflux know that the Celflux story has always been about strangers from different places coming together to accomplish something great. It mirrors in every way the real-life story of the team behind Celflux. Ordinary people who catch a vision and decide to embark on a journey. The Celflux team is made up of complete strangers from all walks of life who have come together to do something ambitious and extraordinary. It’s the true spirit of collaboration. Today we would like to introduce the newest members of the Celflux team. Two more people who have caught the Celflux vision and have come on board to help make it a reality.

How It All Started.

Meet Melissa and Micah Adams. A talented and enterprising couple with Caribbean and South American roots residing in the UK.

Back in January of 2017, I got an email from someone asking if the Celflux Team would be interested in a collaboration. The email was from Melissa Leng-Adams, Director – Leng Enterprise LTD, Founder – Ad Virtus UK and manager of UK Music artist, Jafro. She wanted to know if we would be interested in working with her team on Jafro’s upcoming EP launch titled AMIME. She sent us some of Jafro’s tracks and after listening to them I realized that the guy had skills and it would be a cool thing to have Celflux’s visuals be a part of the event. So we sent her some of the Celflux artwork and Jafro’s EP was released to great reviews. You can check it out below. The track that Celflux’s visuals were used for is “Wrong Move”.

Melissa was grateful and let us know that if we ever wanted to collaborate in the future don’t hesitate to give her a shout.

Fast forward to 2018. The Celflux project had grown from an animated short to a mini-series. We had added new supporting characters and were thinking about people who might be interested in coming on board to be a part of the now expanded project. Dixie Ann reminded me of Melissa and I reached out to her. She was happy to hear from us and was excited at the idea of being a part of the Celflux project. It was then that we were introduced to her husband Micah. The other half of the team who was also enthusiastic about being a part of the project. They both jumped on board and immediately began telling others about the Celflux project.

The UK Couple With Caribbean and South American Roots

We Are Anansi (@WeAreAnansi)

WeAreAnansi is an Executive Producer from London and celebrates his Guyanese, Dominican and Brazilian roots which is why he was keen to be the voice of ‘Ignition’ in Celflux who wears the colours of Guyana’s flag. He is best known for executive producing alongside his cousin, Guyanese talent Jafro; a multi-talented and internationally known music artist who resides in the UK.

With We Are Anansi’s debut album approaching, we are excited for what the future holds, the Celflux soundtrack will be curated by We Are Anansi and features a variety of creative talents including Jafro and London-Ghanaian producer Sammy Soso.

WeAreAnansi loved the Celflux plans as soon as he heard them and was inspired by the Celflux vision to bring a refreshing sound to the Celflux fans.

Melissa L-A (@HerRoyalThighness)

How Melissa finds the time to do everything she does is beyond anyone, controlling time seems to be her superpower. Melissa “Her Royal Thighness” L-A is Head of Social Media and Entertainment Management at London’s Digital Agency, Leng Section where she manages influencers in the entertainment industry, including Celflux’s Voice Actor WeAreAnansi who she is married to (talk about a boss woman!)

She is known to her online following as “Her Royal Thighness” a fitness influencer who has worked with Arsenal football team, Crystal Palace Ladies Football Club and Adidas. If that wasn’t enough she is also a Running Back for Great Britain in women’s American Football and represented her team in the Women’s World Championships in Canda where they placed 4th in the world, she has also led her domestic squad in the UK to multiple titles.

Melissa L-A is of Caribbean descent and proud of her culture including her Haitian roots which is celebrated in Commander H’s outfit in Celflux.

Passionate to represent black women in spaces they’re less visible, Melissa was keen to become the voice of Commander H in Celflux, much like Commander H, Melissa is a passionate, natural leader with a strong community mindset.

She’s very excited to be apart of the team and part of what will be an exciting journey.


We are committed to completing the Celflux Animated Series. And we will successfully complete it. For the sole reason that there are genuine people behind it and genuine fans supporting it. From day one we have witnessed doors opening and opportunities being presented that we did not even expect. All we have been doing is creating and sharing and those who the Celflux story resonates with have come on board. We are grateful for the Celflux team that have donated their time, talent and resources to us and we are eternally grateful to the fans who have liked, shared and promoted Celflux. Without you, we could not do it.

The Celflux Animated Mini-Series campaign is now live on Indiegogo.

With YOUR support we can make the Celflux Animated Mini-Series a reality.

Visit the link and pledge today: https://igg.me/at/celflux

Any amount will help us reach our goal. You can also help us by sharing the project with your friends so the word can get out.

Till next time. Keep reaching for your dreams.

Everard is the Creative Director and CEO of GemGfx. GemGfx is a multidisciplinary design consultancy based in Trinidad and Tobago. He has been involved in the field of Graphic Design for over 14 years. He is also the art director and co-author of the graphic novel Celflux which he created along with his wife Dixie Ann Archer-McBain.

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